Monday, March 10, 2008

Slideshow--hope you enjoy

Hello to all our friends and family...i made this slideshow because i wanted to share some pictures from the last week since we have been home...Dakota has so enjoyed being home and Lily being home, too. Most of the pictures in the slideshow are of Dakota just having fun...and then there are a few of Lily.

Lily seems to be doing better--different times throughout the day she is fussy. We think the concentrated/high calorie formula could be making her fussy. Last night, we changed the feeding rate on the pump to 30 ml/hr and Lily seems to be accepting it okay. (she was on 25ml/hr...and she seemed hungry all the time...we give her bottles off and on throughout the day and she is taking those pretty good..the 30ml/hr means she is up to 1oz every hour..which is awesome)

We dont have our weigh in with the pediatrician this week (unless Lily pulls her feeding tube out again--which she did on Saturday). We are seeing the heart specialist for a followup visit and we are meeting the surgeon. All of this will happen on Friday (3/14/08). So that is when the next update will more than likely be posted about Lily.

Thanks for all the prayers...and continue to pray.

~~ANGELS EXIST but sometimes, since they don't all have wings, we call them FRIENDS. ~~



I've been behind on my checking with the blog, but we have not ceased to pray everyday for little Lily. I loved all the pictures and smiled at the "Big" imagination Dakota seems to portray!

When did it snow by the way, and what has the weather/temperature been like lately in Texas? I noticed that Lily was wearing short sleeves in some of the it a lot warmer these days?

Keep Up The Good Work!

Love Ya Lots,
Galatians 6:14

The Smiths said...

The weather has been really nice here lately--Last Friday (i think) is the day it was big fluffy snowflakes. And since then we have had some really nice feels like spring today (birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and there is a slight breeze) As i am typing this, it is 66 degrees outside...i think the high is in the 70s today.
As for Lily being in short sleeves...she seems to get hot fast, so i only dress her in long sleeve when we are going to be going she doesnt get chilled...check back soon, i am going to upload some pictures from when we were all outside together earlier this week.
If i dont post the pictures today, then i will post them after tomorrow's heart specialist appt..we are going for a followup--we were supposed to meet with the surgeon tomorrow as well, but they called and canceled it since the dr will be out of the office.

The Smiths said...
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