Saturday, March 1, 2008

An update from the last few days

Well...sorry i forgot to get on here and update...i fell asleep the last time i was home, and Jed's mom had to come and wake me i didn't get a chance to update and last night, Dakota came home for the 1st time in a week and he played and played with mommy and daddy.

Thursday's update (2/28/08)
9 lbs 4.4 oz --she went down a little but the Dr isn't concerned. She says that it is normal. The normal weight gain in a baby is 1/2 an ounce a it is okay to have up and down days.
I spent the whole morning (between feedings and talking with Lily) re-scheduling her surgery date. Her surgery is now scheduled for April 15th (Tax Day) We will check in at 6am...she will be the 1st case of the day. We will be in Dallas on the 14th for her pre-op appointment. We also have a follow up appointment with Dr. Laird for March 14th...just to check on Lily and her heart and see how everything is progressing or not progressing. On that same day, i made an appointment with the surgeon. That way we can meet the surgeon before the day before surgery and he can tell us all what to expect (length of surgery, ICU, recovery time. etc)
Today, we are doing feedings of 75 ml (2.5 oz) every 3 hours instead of a continual drip feeding. This way, Lily can get used to being a schedule and it will make it easier for when she comes home.

Friday's update (2/29/08)
9lbs 4.6oz. Lily had to have oxygen last night. Her oxygen saturation level with should be around 100 went down to 83 and it took awhile for it to get back up in the 90s. So i wake up and find a respiratory nurse leaning over Lily trying to put her on oxygen. Lily wasn't wanting anything to do with something else going in her nose...she was kicking and swinging her arms. Once they got the oxygen on, the level went back up to 100. She is doing better-tolerating feedings. The Dr said, if we have a good day today, we might get to go home tomorrow!

well, the Dr said this evening when she was making her rounds...that if Lily makes it through the night without having to have the oxygen, then she can definitely come, i learned how to gravity tube feed Lily and syringe the food into her tube..I'm nervous about her coming home with the feeding tube, but i will be thrilled to have us both finally out of the hospital.
Continue to pray for Lily and for strength for our family.

** a little update from today (Saturday, 3/1/08) Lily had a rough night last night (Grandma stayed with her) she would keep her feedings down...and oxygen saturation level went down again...but they didn't have to use the oxygen. Lily was getting choked up on the mucus from this once she could cough it up and then they suction the stuff out...she seemed to do better. She must not have liked her feeding tube last night, because she pulled it out twice. After the 2nd, they left it out for awhile...Last i heard, the tube was back in. We are now waiting to hear what the Dr wants to do and if she is still going to send her home. Depending on what happens, i will try to get back on here and update you all.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see the update...still praying that everyone is doing as well as can be expected. I wish I could be there to help but she is in God's hands. I try to check the blog daily being out of town for awhile. I will call. Have a great day and we love you....from FL.