Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On your marks...get set....GO!!!!


Like last year, we did our Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house. This year, we let the kids help stuff the eggs (jelly beans) and then Grandma and Jed went out and hid the eggs. For Dakota and Alexis (cousin), it was a race to the finish to collect the eggs. For Lily, she just took her sweet ole' time and collected the eggs that the others left behind in their haste.

Lily finding a blue egg

The statement of the day that still cracks me up was made by Alexis.... "This chocolate tastes like chocolate." She was eating her chocolate eggs from her Easter basket.

Lexi eating her chocolate

Easter dinner was delicious. Jed's grandmother, Boo made it!! Deviled eggs were a hit by the girls. Lexi like the white part and Lily liked the yellow part

Grandma with Dakota and Alexis

We had to take pictures in Alexis was the only one to respond

Grandma with Lily and Alexis

Already chowing down on the candy

This post is still a bit short on words....but you kind of get the idea of our Easter. We had a wonderful time and now our candy stash is full again. Ziploc bag of chocolates and a Tupperware container of Jelly beans.

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Annie said...

What a fun day? I love it, so glad it was wonderful.

Have a great weekend.