Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way Back When-esday: Zoo trips

~Dakota, Lily, Trevor, Alexis~

We made our annual trip to the zoo. This year, We went with Grandma, Aunt Brittiany, Alexis, Sunshine and Trevor (friends of Brittiany and Alexis). And Grandma got us season passes!!! So, we can turn the zoo into a monthly (or more than once a month) trip instead of an annual trip.

I find that each time we have been to the zoo over the years, that our stay is longer each time.

When we first took Dakota...back in 2007...the trip was short and sweet...going from exhibit to exhibit and then to the sand box area to play.


And then when we went in 2008..this time with Lilyann...we were there for a bit...I think Lily slept the entire time. (this was back when she was pre-feeding tube and sleeping alot)


And then last year (2009), we went with Alexis and Aunt Brittiany...we had a good time...this time, we lingered a bit at each exhibit. The kids were more on foot than in strollers...which gives them more of a chance to explore.


And just this week...Tuesday, to be exact....we made our trip to the zoo. Including driving time, we were gone for 4 hours!!! I was shocked at the time we spent...but we had a blast. This was Trevor's (friend of the family) 1st time to the Zoo! It was neat seeing it all again through the eager eyes of a toddler.

Lilyann petting the goats...she wasn't even scared. (Trevor is in the yellow)

Dakota...he was so proud to have the birdie eating off his seed stick.

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Annie said...

I love to see pictures from the same activity but different years.They changed a lot.

*Mirage* said...

That looks like a blast! Now I want to take my tots to the zoo too! :)