Saturday, April 3, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

My goal this Easter was to take Easter portraits of the kids. With a new camera (that has a bunch of different options and buttons), I figured my goal was something achievable. Well, I guess I should have thought about the kids and not so much about the camera. First off, Dakota didn't want to change from his play clothes into his "church clothes" (as he calls them). I told him we were going to take Easter pictures and that he could wear his new purple Easter tie. He says, "NO, Mommy...Easter isn't until Lexi gets I can't wear my Easter tie yet." I didn't want to put Lily's Easter clothes on and not have Dakota matching. (Psst! the color for Easter for them this year is purple) So, I decided to let Dakota stay dressed the way he was..and having Lily match him.
Finally dressed and at our picture location and for the first few pictures...neither child would even look at me! And then I would get one looking at me and the other looking elsewhere...check out the picture in the collage on the upper right hand side...they are both looking opposite directions. Go figure!! What a day...but hey! I did get a few good ones of them individually.

Thursday, Dakota went with Grandma to go help his cousin, Lexi, pack and move. So, it's just been Myself and Lily here during the day. Lily is loving the one-on-one attention.

Lily excited to be playing Dakota's Plug-N-Play game

The last two mornings, Lily and I have gone to yard sales in the area...just "dinking" around (our word for window shopping...not really buying anything, just looking...but we did find a few sales!) We have had fun...but miss our Kota man. Lily was walking through the house saying Kota the last few days. And I finally heard Lily talk unprompted (is that a word?!) We had gone to K-mart to look for sandals and when we were checking out, Lily asked for candy. I gave in and got her a Hello Kitty Easter egg...she was so excited. Once we got back in the car and buckled, I opened it up for her and started in on her candy. A few blocks down the road and I hear, "tank you", from the backseat. It was the sweetest little thank you ever.

Dakota comes home tonight!! woohoo!!
This afternoon, I dressed up Lily in her Easter dress and sandals and we went out to the backyard to pick flowers and take pictures. The grass and flowers are getting high in the backyard and I see the yard being mowed soon...very soon..but for now, It makes for a beautiful natural background for pictures.

Happy Easter from our family to yours.


Stephanie said...

hi and thanks for commenting on my blog! the easter pics of your kids are SO cute! :)

as far as running goes, i started small too. i used to think running a mile was good. now i think running 3 is good. it is a "slowly but surely" progression for me. of course it'll be hard at first, and you'll feel totally out of breath, but the more you run the easier it becomes. i would just try added 1/4 of a mile each week. that seems to work for me. then every few weeks just stay there for a while, then build back up. :)

good luck!

Annie said...

The pictures are beautiful,you did a great job.

Hope you had a niece Easter.