Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mondays don't HAVE to be "Mondays"

I can't believe I missed the Makes My Monday post again...It's been a few weeks now...sorry, Cheryl..I do enjoy playing along when I can make it there on the right day.

Yesterday was a Monday for sure....even the fun weekend didn't get me ready for the Monday that I had yesterday. Now, It wasn't all bad...just the morning part. I think for most moms, I can give you 2 words to sum up my day...WIC appointment!! AHHHHHH!!

Now, don't get me wrong, the benefits from WIC helps out our grocery bill tremendously...especially since they added whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetable benefits. But the appointments...oh-me-oh-my...Make me question saving money. You usually have to set aside a whole morning or afternoon for their appointments (depending on the time of day they schedule you)...we were there for 1 1/2 hours before they saw us...and after being there 2 hours, we were finally leaving. It was a recertification appointment for Lilyann (Dakota's re-cert is in June...2 months to get myself syked up for another appointment)...so we got a weight and height check. Lily is now 25.8 lbs and standing at 33 inches (3 inches shy of a yard stick) tall. Finally for the first time-in a long time-we didn't get hounded for being underweight, overweight, or low iron. So, that made for a wonderful end to a long visit.

We stopped for much needed Happy Meals on the way home. It's amazing how some cheeseburgers make everything all right in the world again.

As we made it home, my sister called and asked if I could watch her son, Cash, while she went to a Dr's appointment. I said, "sure!"

We had quite the fun afternoon....We pulled out the kiddie pool...the kids had fun. And Since it was nice and sunny, I pulled out the slip n slide to see if it would last another year...yes! we can use the slip n slide at least one more summer!! woohoo!! that saves me some money...and now, I get to look for an awesome after summer deal on slip n slides for next year (I love having a good excuse to find super deals!!)

Dakota and Cash...jumping on the trampoline.

And they are off...running to the kiddie pool

It's Slip n Slide Time!!

Dakota and Cash (and Lily) had a great time playing outside, and then I get a call that Alexis is coming over..sweet!! Dakota and Cash were both excited, too. Having fun in the backyard made up for a wonderfully fantastic ( note the sarcasm) morning at the WIC office.

Alexis...sliding on down..Dakota is at the top of the slide

So...I'm going to try my hardest to play along with Way Back When...tomorrow...I am already trying to think of a theme for a way back when photo. Hopefully, I'll "see" you all tomorrow!


Annie said...

I really understand all the issue with appointments at WIC. We spend the same amount of time there, they stress me but as you said their benefits help.

Cheryl Lage said...

OMIGOSH! What fantastic pictures! Monday or no, my day is made! You've got gorgeous kiddos!