Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our newest additions

**excuse Lily's messy face...we just finished ice cream cones**

We have kittens!!

Funny thing is....we DON'T have a cat. I's that possible? Well, it is a community cat...She just roams the neighborhood and has kinda claimed the "castle" on the swing set as her spot (when the kids will allow). Well, this cat was pregnant...we didn't even know.
Lily likes to follow any animal around and she followed "Peaches" (what my kids and the neighborhood kids have named her) into the bush under our bedroom window...and found Peaches' babies. There are 3 in all. A calico kitty, a gray kitty, and a "tiger" kitty (as Kota calls it). The kids are loving taking care of Peaches and her babies. I am teaching Lily how to hold the kitties. She likes to just grab them and hold them around the neck....which starts some yowling from the kitties. Lily now pats the kitties and says, "Baby"....meaning that she is holding the kitty like a baby and being gentle.

Oh! the fun that comes with kitties.

Enjoy the pictures of our newest additions.


Annie said...

Those kittens are cute.

"Grammy" Sue B said...

What do you mean "We DON'T have a cat..." Oh yes you have FOUR!!! And trust me when I say with experience...there is no such thing as a FREE cat/kitten. My "free" kitten has cost me $$hundreds$$ over the past 5 years years! Have fun!
Love, Aunt Sue