Friday, May 28, 2010

Events of May

whew! what a week it's been....nothing like a spider bite to help you value the use of your arm...and I never knew that my elbow would become so sensitive...It's as if I have a million nerve endings there, and when the kids come close, I just cringe....waiting for the casual brush against my elbow or slap at my elbow to get my attention. I think by now, the kids just point and say "owie, Momma!"

I had what I thought was an ant bite come up on my left elbow....after a few days, it was so swollen that I made a trip to Dr's office thinking that it might be infected and be staph. Well, the Dr took a look and said that it was a spider bite...oh, yay! literally...I am so happy that it was not staph...but since Jed gets staph, I was put on a wonderful antibiotic for the spot....just in case. So, that is what has been happening with me this week.

The weather has warmed up quite a bit....almost steamy. With the humidity running high, it makes for mornings out and afternoons spent inside. The kids and I ventured to the zoo this week...even in the humid weather, it was nice. We got to see a few animals that would usually be sleeping...The kids enjoyed the feeding the birds...that was the exhibit where we stayed the longest.

Though the week has been long, it has been enjoyable and eventful. Being indoors for the afternoons, Lily has been wearing big girl panties...Well, this evening, she went peepee in the potty....we all did the happy dance for Miss Lily...she was so proud...she kept telling Daddy there was "water in the potty"!! yay!! We are one step closer.

Due to Wednesday's afternoon/evening storm, I found out that Lily does not care the least bit for thunder. She calls it "waining"....she likes the rain, but not the noise.

Dakota is recognizing more and more letters and putting them together. I can't take all the credit, though. He has been learning this all on his Leapster....I never realized how educational they are. He can even play the 1st grade Leapfrog game....he was learning the basis of fractions the other day...nothing major...just pointing to 1 part of 3 parts that make up the whole. Dakota's counting is getting better, too...he is doing great with counting down from 10-0. And his new number he made up today....twenty zero!

We are at the impressionable age....our kids are picking up on anything and everything...which means it is keeping Mommy and Daddy on their toes.

It was a crazy week....but as I said...Eventful.

Today...May our anniversary. Jed and I have been married 6 years....somedays, it seems like just yesterday we said, I do...and then there are the days that seems as if it has been a lifetime together. It's been a great 6 years, Jed....let's go for many, many more.


Annie said...

Thanks God you are fine!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

John David and Chrystal Matney said...

Wow Joy! You are so good at keeping up with things! I need to be better! Where do you find all the cool stuff for your blog?