Monday, May 10, 2010

Makes My Monday: quiet and relaxing

It was a quiet Mother's Day weekend here....and one that I enjoyed. Relaxing and having fun...2 of my favorite things, next to family and coffee.
Jed and his mom went fishing on Saturday morning and took Dakota along...which made for a quiet morning here for Lily and I. We took advantage and went to a few yard sales. I found some more summer clothes for Miss Lily and children's books. I love finding books at yard sales. You pay about 1/100th of the price as you would have to pay brand new in-store.

Jed and Dakota came home and I was able to catch a few winks before we headed off to Jed's grandmother's house. Where the kids played and Jed and his mom finished up the flower beds for Boo. Then Boo fried up some fish and hushpuppies and we had dinner. I love fried fish and hushpuppies! We had a good time sitting around the table eating and Lily giggling...she was quite the giggle box Saturday evening.

After our yummy meal, we loaded up and went out to Lake Gilmer (where we fly kites this time, but we did have Dakota's bike in the van) for an evening walk.
It was a peaceful walk....the breeze, the birds, the smell of sweet honeysuckle....everything pretty.

Sunday was filled with Church and dinner at Jed's sister's house. Wonderful food and excellent company.

I love the quiet, relaxing weekends...makes for a good start to another week.

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