Monday, May 17, 2010

another catch up post.... we are again...trying to catch up on blog posts for the last week. I sounds like the story of my life.

~our new pool~

Lily hasn't been sleeping well, so it makes for very long days...especially on the days that she refuses to nap. Playing outside has been our goal each day....Sunshine does a world of good for everybody. We got a new blow up pool (thanks to the recommendation from a fellow blogger mom) and the kids LOVED it!! they even tried to play with it when it didn't have water in it....which in turn caused it to get a hole. It is slowly leaking air...I need to find the leak we are back to the kiddie pools until I find the hole. ♫There's a hole in our pool, there's hole in our pool...There's a hole, there's a hole...There's a hole in our pool!!♫ Thank you, Thank you! I'll be here all week!!


and more goggles

Trying to spray me


Laura said...

These photos make me want summer to come as fast as possible.
What fun!

Annie said...

Having fun at the pool is the best, specially for those hot days we had here.