Saturday, May 1, 2010


I complete forgot about this on Wednesday...but my Way Back When-esday post was my 300th post!! Can you believe it?! I didn't know that I was that "verbal"
I started the blogspot account so that I could comment on my cousin's blog and then I just stuck with it. This blog has been an outlet for me. If you can't tell from my blog...It's all about family, the ups and downs, the cool pictures I enjoy taking, and just life! I feel like a post isn't complete without a, this blog is picture heavy. As I learned in college, Visual Aids help (now, that sounds redundant!!)

So...congrats to all my readers and my family...for helping me get to 300 posts.

Me...taken in 1983...I think, this is the earliest picture that I have of myself...not sure, if my mom has an earlier one. This was back before digital cameras and I was baby #7.

Now...on a different note...yes...somewhat different. I have thought up another excuse for why I have slacked yet again on my blogging daily or at least every other day. (It's hard!) <---- no, that's not my excuse. Here is my excuse---> I am getting old...haha!!! Yesterday, I congratulated my parents on their birth to me!! Yesterday makes it 28 years since my parents gave birth to me. Dakota says that I am 2-8..."Daddy is still 2-6, but he is older, mommy" gotta love the way kids think!!

So, I will blame my forgetfulness and lack of blogging on getting older....That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Last night, Jed took me out for my birthday. We went to Sho-gun's.. A Japanese Steakhouse where they cook your food on a Teppanyaki grill. It was quite an entertaining show. I found out that Jed had never been there. I had only been there once before with some friends. So, it was neat seeing it through Jed's eyes (as he is one to have a knack for creative cooking...especially grilling) Our chef was Jay. He was going on 20 years as a chef. He did fantastic. There were 2 others at our table that were celebrating birthdays...It was quite fun! I even got to toss the egg to Jay's spatula and the shell cracked perfectly!! woohoo!! The food was amazing! Quite the experience of dinner and show. You should all least, once in your lifetime!

I found this picture of Miss Lily while I was going through old pictures...and my hope and prayer is to raise Miss Lily to be the best little lady. Something I feel my parents did with me. I want to raise Lily to make me proud one day. I would hate it if my parents were ever ashamed of me.
Lily shows such a nurturing side for those around her...whether it be a live animal, stuffed animal, or even her brother. She has her moments, but usually ends up sharing kisses to make you feel better. Now, if I can just get her to keep this nurturing side as she grows up.

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Annie said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog.