Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some things I've learned.....

My handsome excuse for not blogging more this week!! I think it's a legit excuse!

...and here I's almost the end to another week and not a post on the blog...I think I am getting stuck in the rut of doing weekly posts as to doing daily or every other day post.

I really need to get with it. I have taken a tremendous amount of pictures since the month of May started....Pictures from the birthday parties celebrated this past weekend, the kids playing outside, our walk at my sister's house where we saw horses and goats, and our trip to the splash park with new friends.

Pam, Aunt Samantha, and myself...having fun at our party

Dakota with his bouquet of flowers for Mommy (that's me!)

Miss Lily...she got close and the horse tried to nibble her hair..I'm thinking that the horse thought her hair looked like fresh hay....

Having fun at the splash park

We have had quite the busy week already (as you can tell from the pictures above).... Just enjoying the sunshine and having fun outside.

Some things that I have learned this week:

~There is never a dull moment with family
~Sometimes things get funnier when said the 10th time
~If you get the least bit of notion to give, GIVE...seeing the surprise on the recipient's face is priceless
~It just takes a Hello! to make new friends
~McDonald's *NEW* Frappes come with FREE intense Brain Freezes!
~Taking a bandaid off is as easy as 1-2-3-4 (according to Dakota)
~Fun in the Sun used to wear my kiddos, it just wears Momma out!
~My neighbor's hospitality still floors me....and I need to definitely take cooking lessons from her!
~Always put up the new wind chime the evening of the windiest night in May (so far)
~Laughter is the song of a smile! So shine and let the world hear your song and be dazzled by its notes

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Annie said...

Looks like a great celebration. As always, pictures are amazing.

Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!