Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy, busy , BUSY!

This picture of Lily portrays how I feel lately...super duper tired!

I'm starting to do it, again....what is that you might ask? well, if you are all still keeping up with our blog, you will see that I have not been keeping up with it like I should be.

What is my excuse? well, which one should I use this time?

I have a few...Kota is in school, so going back and forth to drop off and pick up....Lily is potty training...we have only used 3 diapers in the last 2 days...woohoo!! Our van is still not running...but thanks to Boo (Jed's grandmother), she is letting us use Grandad's truck for the time being. It's nice having A/C again. Jed's truck doesn't have A/, riding around to and from in it, isn't that comfy for the kids and I.

This past weekend, we celebrated Grandparent's Day. So, on Saturday, we headed out to Boo's house and did some cleaning...yard work, and cleaning windows.
It was hard work (my leg muscles were sore the next day) but Fun work. Anytime you can do it all together as a family, you know you are going to have a blast...and the memories you will make...priceless.

Our cousins, Katie and Jerilyn, cleaning windows...inside and out

Raking up the the magnolia leaves...Grandma, Boo, Jerilyn and myself

Kota and I bagging up the piles of leaves


"Grammy" Sue B said...

We just got home from a funeral trip to Minnesota (my last aunt died). I'm catching up on my favorite blogs (including YOU!). After reading this post of yours, I have one question: CAN I BE YOUR GRANDMA TOO?
Love y'all....Aunt Sue

Heather said...

That first picture is adorable!