Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is in the Air...well, at least, the calendar says so!!

updates seem to be coming few and far between around here.

Fall is on it's way, though around here in East Texas, we won't see that much of a drastic change in seasons. Some leaves are falling already....it's a bit cooler in the morning, and it still feels like summer in the afternoon. I am eager for Fall...but with Fall comes a busy schedule. Once Halloween arrives, then Thanksgiving, Lily's 3rd birthday, Christmas, New Years, and more birthdays...and then throw in whatever school activities for Dakota...and the fun stuff we do with family. Jed's cousins all have birthdays starting soon...1 each month. But you know, I do LOVE parties...cake, food, getting together with family...that's what Fall is all about.

Well, Let's see...here's another update on life here at our house. Kota is doing great in school. We saw his teacher at the family night get together for his school last night. She sang Dakota's praises...saying he is "so sweet", loves to help, etc. Yay!! that makes me feel good...since some days it's a struggle to get him in the truck and off to school.
Talking about the truck...we are still without our van...It's not working. The mechanic looked at it for us...changed a few parts (small inexpensive parts) and I drove it home...yes, It drove home. I try to start it again, and nothing...so, it's back at the mechanic's and we are still using Grandad's red truck. I'm actually getting used to driving a truck around...makes me think what we might get for a new vehicle when the time comes.

Miss Lily is doing great with her potty training...we are usually in panties most days....and she is doing better at taking them off before sitting on the potty to go. Even with a few setbacks, Lily is marching on. I think I might have mentioned before that Lily had a Urinary Tract Infection. That was treated, but due to Lily's history, the dr wanted an ultrasound done of Lily's kidneys and bladder. Just to ensure that there was no scarring from the infection. That was the easiest test yet....the other test was a VCUG... wow! that test was a doozy. I would never wish that on anyone. But Lily did great. It took awhile, but afterwards, she offered grandma a "high five". Lily was consciously sedated for that test...though, I think she was VERY conscious. We are still waiting on results from her tests, but we DO know that the Dr saw NO reflux in her kidneys...which is spectacular news.

So, that's life here in the last week...

We have stayed busy, but we still managed to meet up with friends on Saturday for a quick trip to the zoo. It was nice to just take some time out and have fun.

So, until we meet again...whenever I get around to updating again....Enjoy your family, cherish every moment, and Happy Fall Y'all!

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