Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We are still here...

This shot got me a frisbee to the camera face...haha!!

I's been a week since I last updated...but it's been a busy week. Well, not really busy...just a time consuming week. We are at a week and a half since the van was running I have been using my neighbor's vehicle (if all else fails) or getting up early and taking Jed to work to have the use of his truck. And thanks to the rain bands from Hermine...I haven't been able to walk Dakota to getting up early is the main option.

It hasn't been too bad...kind of shows us what we most times take for granted. One thing I can say...Jed has become quite the mechanic...this time around, the van has him baffled....but we are down to 1 part to see if "this fixes it" before we go for outside help or look to trade in/up.

So, we have been home bound except for the quick trip to take Jed to work, Kota to school, or pick either of the two up.

And indoors home bound at that. We did venture out over the weekend...the weather was pleasant. Wonderful breeze...cooler temps....humidity is still hanging around...but nonetheless, I think Fall might come on time this year. Wooohooo!

Labor Day was eventful...Jed worked on the van a bit...and then we cleaned up the house (alot..haha) because some friends from our Sunday School class joined us for dinner. Jed made "beer can chicken"...oh! so yummy!! this time around he used some Lime Blasted Mountain Dew...that gave the chicken a wonderful juicy taste. I think it was more the spice rub that he put on the outside, but still...wonderful chicken.

Pictures in this post are random shots from this week...just let you know that we are all alive and well.

Nothing like a yummy ice cream sandwich on a balmy day

Do I have anything in my teeth?

Lily...having fun on Labor Day

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