Thursday, September 2, 2010

Practicing School

Little Miss Lily decided to do her own "school" today...she made circles and told me the different colors she was using. Now she does do a lot of guessing with her colors, but more times than not, she is guessing right! She has started counting, too. Here counting goes "...4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.." It's odd that she skips the 1, 2, 3 part. She is using more phrases and is pointing out letters as well. I am so proud.

Lily's new phrase is "Oh my gosh!" she uses it when watching Tom and Jerry. My kids love watching the Tom and Jerry cartoons...Lily calls them "silly mouse and kitty"...they are always running after each other. These are the kind of cartoons that I grew up I enjoy watching them with the kids as well.

Lily was doing fantastic with the potty training, but we hit a roadblock/wall/whatever you want to call it. We are back in diapers just until Lily is off her antibiotics. She has a UTI...which the doctor thinks is odd. Usually kids her age don't get we are doing lots of cranberry juice blends, taking the antibiotic, yogurt is a regular around here again....and giving big treats for going potty (even if it is in the diaper). She had started holding it in while wearing panties and I am wondering if that was contributing to the UTI. Anywho...we have about 5 days left on this round of antibiotics, then we will do another urine test and the doctor would like to run an ultrasound...just to make sure that all is okay with Miss Lily.

The picture below is of Kota...he got a card from my family in Florida for completing his 1st week in school. He was so excited to get a card. He is a BIG fan of the Hoops and YoYo cards that my older sister (Aunt Tammie) sends...He loves opening them and listening to them talk. But sadly, his card didn't "talk" when he opened it...bummer!! He made sure to tell Aunt Tammie, too. She promises a replacement in the near future.

Dakota is doing excellent in school...I think he might come home all green smiley faces this least, I hope. He did tell me that his teacher had to turn off the lights 3 times yesterday to get everyone to pay attention...but I guess that's just the fun part of having a room full of 4 year olds.

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Annie said...

I wish Lily feels better soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.