Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Way Back When-esday: beginning of speed

school is school....Dakota seems to be enjoying it....due to some unplanned circumstances, our van is on the fritz....which for once, makes me happy that we live so close to the I walked to school to pick up Dakota..Lily road in the wagon. Dakota was so proud to be the only kid riding home in a wagon...but when we left the crowds and the sun started beating down, the thrill was gone. Hopefully, we will only have to do this for a day or 2 more...the walk is fun for Lily and I...the humidity is what gets to you.
Well, the picture above is one for Way Back Wednesday...I know, I got it posted by the skin of my teeth...but better late than never, right?!
This was my Lily Lu...August 2008...trying to crawl...she was just learning how to get on all fours, she just had to get the arms working at the same time the legs worked. To see her now, she is Little Speedy...running all over. She was actually racing in the front yard with the neighborhood kids this evening...she loves running and playing with the big kids.

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Annie said...

Cute picture of Lily.

I understand Dakota about sun.