Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 sick day morphs into a sick week

The dr was able to see Dakota yesterday...the last patient of the day. Dakota was swabbed for strep and the flu...and wouldn't you know it?! the flu swab was positive for Type A influenza. I think I was literally sitting there with my mouth hanging open. This is the 2nd time for the flu for Dakota...even after having the flu shot and the flu booster shot.

Needless to say, our sick day morphed into a sick week all from the results of that swab test. Dakota is going to have a fear of doctors soon. The last few visits have not been pleasant ones: the initial flu shot, the booster flu shot, and now the swabbing of his throat and nose. The nose swab gave him a terrible nose bleed which in turn caused Dakota to flip out. He thought he was going to die because the blood was coming out of his nose. I think this was his 1st nose blood that wasn't associated with falling off something or from picking his nose.

The doctor was nice enough to check out Lily while we were there. She is having some of the same symptoms as Dakota..just no fever. At the office, she did have a low grade fever. Both kids are now being treated for the flu. We are eating lots of gummi bears and worms here. For each time the kids take their medicine..be it tylenol, motrin, Tamiflu, etc...they get a treat. Wasn't it Mary Poppins who said , "a Spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down"?! We are putting that Disney quote to the test..and so far, I can announce absolute SUCCESS!

Now, I am just hoping the meds kick in quick so that Dakota is well for his birthday party on Saturday.

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