Monday, January 17, 2011


There has been lots going on here...nothing major, just things that tend to keep us all busy....mainly, LIFE.

Depending on "life"...we have some changes in the near future...some pretty good changes. One big one...we have decided to sell our house and look for something bigger, in a good neighborhood (ours is okay for now..We just don't see it getting better), and a excellent school district. We would like to stay in the same school district so that Dakota can continue going to school with his friends; but this school district isn't showing very many potential houses.

I remember when Jed and I went house hunting over 5 years ago...we were tired of renting and wanted to become homeowners. It never crossed our mind to think of what school district we would be moving into...I mean, the tax part crossed our mind..but not the thought of actually using the school. The same week we closed on this house is the same time I found out that we were expecting Dakota. It seems like just yesterday...but it's been over 5 years. Matter of fact, in just 2 short weeks, Dakota will be turning 5 years old. My little boy is growing up....there's another change.

Some positive changes...Lily Finally did #2 on the potty all by herself...the only help she required of me was wiping and disposable! We did the happy dance, called Daddy and Grandma, and treated ourselves to "holly pops" (Lily's term for Lollipops).
It is exciting to see all the happens and things change. People change. Weather changes.
Thanks to the wonderful ever changing weather, I have been experiencing some pretty vicious headaches for the last week....sometimes even debilitating. I think it has to do with sinus pressure...but I'm not real sure. The pharmacist suggested just taking an anti inflammatory for that's what I am taking...but these glorious headaches seem to hit each day between 2-11pm....Sleep seems to be the only antidote for now...but with 2 kids, sleep comes few and far between.

So...these are a few changes going on with us...hopefully soon...the headaches will have subsided, the house plans will have moved forward, my soon-to-be-5-year-old won't grow up too know...Changes.

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Annie said...

Lots of changes for your family.

Good luck with your house hunter.