Thursday, January 27, 2011

almost party time

I missed the Way Back When-esday post. I was going to post about the last 4 birthdays that Dakota has celebrated....but my computer monitor went out on me...and not all my pictures are on Jed's laptop. So, with no computer really, I took to cleaning the house...what fun!?!

Dakota's 1st birthday was all monkeys...He LOVED monkeys. He used to carry around his stuffed monkey all the time. Around his 4th birthday is when he retired Monkey.
The 2nd birthday was all about racecars. Grandma made him a race track cake in the shape of the number 2.
His 3rd birthday was supposed to be Thomas the train; but a few days before, Dakota asked Grandma for a Captain Hook cake. And Grandma made him a Captain Hook ship. It was spectacular. We just all grabbed our forks and caused a shipwreck!
Last year, his 4th birthday, was Buzz Lightyear. Dakota was very excited about his party. But when the time came to sit at the table and blow his candles out, he closed up. He was hiding under the table while we sang to him...and almost all his pictures have him sporting a grumpy face.

This year, I plan to get pictures before Dakota's party starts...just in case we have a recurrence of last year. This year's theme is Star Wars! This is Dakota's 5th birthday and I am ever so excited. I can't wait for him to see his cake...I can't wait to see his cake.

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