Thursday, January 13, 2011

Frigid for this Florida girl

Icicles hanging off the gutters

Can I just say.......

It has been freakishly cold here. I think our warmest day this week was Sunday when it was snowing. The temps have been in the teens the last few nights which makes for frigid mornings for mommy. I usually go out and start the van up just so I don't have to hear "Mommy, It's so cold!!" on our 5 minute round trip drive to school. The venturing outside in the cold isn't the worst part. Getting Dakota up for school is like asking him to give up video games for the rest of his life. The wailing and gnashing of teeth (well, not really the gnashing of teeth) is so Extreme! I'm sure it's the drama coming out in him. He tells me each and every school morning "I am so tired. I just want to sleep." and I respond by telling him "You have to go to school each day or Mrs. Wright won't be able to say 'it's okay, Dakota can go to Kindergarten now' and you want that, right, Kota?"

I am hoping that one day, he will wake up before me (on a school day, that is) and beg me to hurry up to get him to school.

Here's to hoping!

Dakota on our "snow day" having some hot chocolate

Dakota, here, he's happy (and jacketless) but he was home from his 1st day back to school this week. He's my homebody

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Annie said...

Wow, so cold.

Enjoy the weekend.