Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What are you tending to?

Do you every have one of those days where it's just one thing after another? And once you finally get a chance to just sit and relax, you look over and see that you forgot to sweep under the entertainment center. So you think...Well, I'll just pull out the vacuum and clean the rug, and use the attachments to clean everything else..well, that turns into the floor, under this, under that, and then taking the cushions off the couch and cleaning all the crud, crumbs, crayons, cheerios, cars, Lego's, bracelets, raisins (can't remember the last time we had those in the house), and hair clips. It was a sofa-topia ...party for all the forgotten nick knacks.

Now, that all of that is finished...coffee table wiped down...the baskets of clean laundry need to be tended to. Which I am putting off for the time being just to share my day with you all.

The positive about having to fold laundry in the evening is: the kids are bed, and the TV is all MINE!

So...I will tend to my laundry..and y'all can tend to enjoying these pictures.

Kota playing with his Legos after his 1st day back at school

Lily..having fun outside

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