Monday, June 20, 2011

Passive Leia?!

Could it be? That this baby will be my passive child?

I have noticed a pattern already...she only kicks and moves all around when she is just with mommy. When the kids are fussing and running crazy, she is calm and quiet. The only problem is that she moves all around when I am sitting still and it's late evening. It's like she waits her turn for my attention.

I hope this isn't just an "in-the-belly" characteristic. I would be absolutely happy to experience the same one-on-one time when she is out of my belly.

We have reached the 6 month mark...and this momma is starting to feel pregnant! I am sporting quite the bump (I heard it's "in" this season)

Here's a belly shot from our vacation....23 weeks along...It was taken last week this time.

at Laurel Falls in the Smokey Mountains, Tennessee

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