Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Princess Leia

This was such a neat experience for Dakota

Baby #3....It's a blurry picture...I need to figure out my scanner and I should have some better pictures for y'all.

We had our confirmation today...Princess Leia is indeed a Princess.
I was able to take the kids with me today and Jed was able to make it as well. It was neat having all the family in the room for the sonogram. Dakota was in awe of seeing the baby on the big screen. He was a bit disappointed that his sister didn't turn into a brother...but he is okay with it. The baby had her hand by her face...just as Dakota and Lily did for almost every sonogram. Dakota's take on this: "She was sucking her thumb because she was lonely in there all by herself." It was neat experiencing the sonogram through his eyes. Lily just wanted to know if the lady was going to make my belly feel better. :)

I am at 21 wks and 4 days. And finally starting to feel normal while pregnant. I think morning sickness has left for the time being. I still have my moments, but they are few and far between.
The baby is starting to be more active...well, where I can feel her. So far, watermelon and Mexican food make her happy. Another plus...I've started gaining back some of the weight I lost during the 1st trimester...I am still below pre-pregnancy weight...but baby is growing beautifully. ♥


The Griffin Family said...

I am so excited for yall! Your kids are going to be the best big siblings! I was wondering if you could share any tips for dealing with the nausea. I have been incredibly nauseated & sorry for the tmi, but I am vomiting about 10 times a day on average. it is really taking its toll on me...go figure! I am currently taking zophran and it seems to help some but not as much as I would like for it to. We go for a sono tomorrow am so I am really helping they can help me make some kind of sense of this. Any advice or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! :)

"Grammy" Sue B said...

So have you really decided on LEIA for her name? I'm glad you are feeling better, and YAY for the weight control!! I loved weighing less than pre-pregnancy when I left the hospital, and it was very soon that I was able to get into skinny clothes again. Have a "cool" summer! Well, try!
xoxox....Aunt Sue