Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wall art

Lily loves to color, let me tell you.

And guess what she did today while I was folding clothes....she colored all over her wall in her room. Great big circles..and she was quite proud. I did let her to the cleaning up of the wall...and she did pretty good. I had to go behind her and clean the rest up. But she DID attempt to clean the wall.

After that, she scattered Dakota's entire tub of Lego's all over the floor...kicking them across the room and the whining because when she walked on them, they made her feet owie!
Yes! that's my Lily....making her own life difficult.

I was too exhausted to worry about pictures of the scattered Lego's...but I did get her "fancy artwork" captured...and she actually had the nerve to turn around and say CHEESE! for the camera...Go figure!

Lily sporting her vacation bag...thinking she is all ready to go...of course, her idea of packing is a few pair of panties, a couple shirts, her stuffed kitty cat, and a blanket!

Wearing her rolling bag

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