Thursday, March 14, 2013

Give me Coffee!!!

It's the start of Day #4 of Spring Break for the kids. And shockingly, we are OUT of Fruit Loops! Guess this momma has to do a hot breakfast. Scrambled eggs it is.

I made myself some coffee while working on the eggs and Lily wanted some "coffee", too. So, we made some hot chocolate in the Keurig. I pulled out the kids' mugs from Uncle Steve and Aunt Glory and poured some up.
Leia and Lily LOVED it. They were just like momma. I got a thought "take a quick pic". I run to get the camera (No, I do not wear it around my neck like most think) and walk back into this:
Lily was holding Leia's cup and her own. And Leia was climbing across the table and throwing a screaming fit ALL at the same time. LOVELY *eye roll*

Finally we got things settled. Leia got her "copy" back and all was right in her world.

Meeting up with friends at the park later today. I might have the kids play "Run, run as fast as you can!"

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