Monday, March 11, 2013

hitch in my schedule

It's nap time here at the Smiths.  Is it a successful nap time?  probably not.

Leia laid right down (YAY!!) but the big kids (who are usually in school but home for spring break) were oblivious to the noise ordinance during the times of 1-3pm. They came stomping and bickering back inside and bam! Leia was rudely awoken. And not too happy about the awakening, either.

But thank God for neighbor kids, they came over and asked to play. Now, my kids are occupied with their friends and hopefully, "take 2" of nap time will be a success.

For now, I will listen to the shrieks of laughter from the children outside and savor the deliciousness of my 2nd cup of coffee.

Day 1 of Spring Break..."hitch in my schedule"

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