Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who/What's the culprit?

Hi ya! Dakota's 7 yr checkup is today.  
Lily is in a whiny mood. And Leia seems to only cough-up-a-storm when it's any kind of sleeping time.
It's Day 2 of spring break and Lily got into my thin mints. This caused a chain reaction with Leia. She found one and inhaled it. But not before creating a complete mess on her face and hands. She then came in to supervise my actions of putting clothes away and touched every piece of clothing she could in record breaking time.

I don't know whether to be upset with Lily for getting them out or the wretched Thin Mints for still being here?! You chose.

Another thought/inquiry? how many times is too many for timeout for a certain 5 year old??????

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