Friday, March 15, 2013

Motherhood....tell me about it!

This week has been unbelievably fabulous and nerve racking at the same time. Sounds a bit puzzling but it's the truth. 
The kids were rather well behaved, I have to admit. They had their moments. Just as I had my moments. But as the week came winding to a close, the need to fulfill each "Mom, Mommy, Mum, Mummy" request became a bit overwhelming. I was craving to hear my real name just once. (and if I would have heard it from one of my children, that would have been the last straw...AHHHH!)

Any other moms out there crave just hearing your name? or having a conversation that doesn't involved potty talk? *both hands raised here*  I won't deny it. I really do love my children; but this is when you hear about that extinct notion called "Me time" and wonder where is it? how can I get some? I'll pay top dollar!!

Well, that was me that last 48 hours. Mopey. Wondering when I'd get a break to just pee in peace, take a shower without a screaming baby at the door, and sip a glass of tea that didn't have to be shared. Yes, that was me.  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Annoyed that I didn't take advantage of maybe the kids going to someone's house for a sleepover or just an afternoon away.

This morning arrived, I'm still nursing the hangover of feeling sorry for myself. But I figure...Let's do what we usually do on Fridays..Yard sales!! Finding a good deal has a way of cheering me up. We venture out. At each stop, I let 1 child get out of the van with mom. At our last stop, Dakota gets out with me. The lady asks him if he's having fun shopping with mom. He said, yes, it's my turn to shop. :) She was puzzled. I explained, it was easier for the sellers and me if I only brought 1 child to each sale. She understood. Then she said (and it took me off guard) "That's a smart idea. Thank you for putting time into your children. It really shows." 

Wow!! way to get me out of my mopey state. I'm over here "faking it til I make it" and a stranger is noticing my hard work as a mother and complimenting me. That really made my day .... it was almost as good as hearing my real name ;)

Kinda made me step back and think. And then later be thankful for all that I do have...some pretty amazing children who will drive me crazy one moment but love me just as more the next moment. ♥

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