Thursday, April 10, 2014

Going with the flow

Happy Thursday to you all!
Today's my day to just "go with the flow". There's no rush to do this or that...and tomorrow is always another day. Yep! I've hit that day in my week. 
It's been a fun tiring week. A close friend has started working out with me. We are accountable to each other for eating right and working out :) Tomorrow, I'm going participate in an Aqua-fit class at the gym. I'm excited and a teeny bit nervous. But I'll step out of my comfort zone for my friend, since she's endured Nazi Joy on the stair climber machines this week. ;) 

I'm going with the flow today...but laundry still must be done. I'm working on that in between potty sessions with Chickie and just usual toddler antics. More than anything, I'm looking forward to nap time. It's well earned today and we've only been up for 5.5 hours.

We've been playing outside this week. The torrential downpour on Sunday washed away most of the pollen. Outdoors is somewhat bearable now. Leia is loving picking all the flowers in the backyard. She'll be sad when we finally mow the backyard. I'm thinking it will help with our allergies even if we do have to lose the pretty flowers and awesome photo opportunities.

 yes, she's almost barefoot. My kids rarely wear shoes out in the backyard these days. :)

 Pretty Lily. She enjoying swinging with her sister after she picked some beautiful flowers for me.

 Dakota even ventured away from his electronics (YAY!!!) to enjoy some sunshine. He's growing up so fast, but I love that he still enjoys having a good time outdoors with his sisters. It's amazing what a few minutes outdoors will do for a grumpy child. 

And Leia once again...playing in a box. All these toys here and the box is the most entertaining. Not only has she worked her legs today, but also her (at least, I'm hoping). She did play a good bit in that box. I even let her take crayons into the box to "color it pretty."  This week, Chickie aka Leia has informed me that she is not Chickie "I Weia Arie"  (Leia Marie). 

Life is grand. Share a smile with someone today.

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