Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kids....cranky or not

Slow starting was crank after crank...
The children were snug in their beds and were not going to budge for anything!! I even promised a trip to the park after school if the kids were just get up and get moving.
All 3 woke up on the wrong side of the bed...funny how all 3 bed are up against a wall. Haaa!! Maybe that was the reason for the grumpy grumps. The whining and verbal disagreements started quickly "She's looking at me....well, he was looking at me....She's touching me. Why are you touching me every time mom walks out. Moooooooooooom! she pinched me! .... quit looking at me!"  And then the morning banter went silent. I peeked around the corner to investigate and they were having a tongue sticking out feud. Oh me, Oh my....I need something more than coffee this morning.

My friend and I got a pretty good workout in this morning. I know it was therapeutic for me...getting all that frustration out during my cardio session. 

I hope the children come home from school in pleasant moods. It truly makes a difference for them and those around them. I might beat them to the punch (not literally) and greet with a yummy snack and drink. 

It's almost Easter time...which means my birthday is getting closer. Yay!!


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