Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time flies.....when you're having fun

Recently overheard....
"Come on, Lily. Let's go outside, but we aren't going to have any fun." 
*I'm sure Lily was looking puzzled at this*  
"Because when you have fun, time flies." 

Hahahahaha! It definitely made for a good laugh...and how could we not give them a few minutes longer to play outside.

As the end of school draws near, life tends to get hectic. There's party days, field days, field trips...all times 2. Thankfully, most are on different days so I can attend all. It will be hectic, but it will be exciting to see all the things the kids have learned since the start of school. Lily surprised me last week. Her school celebrated "Texas Day". The kindergartners were taught all about Texas that day. They played games, learned about agriculture, milked a cow, saw real chickens, did a jean race (similar to a 3 legged race), and danced. Lily and her class have been practicing some country dances in P.E. the last few weeks. They did some square dancing for us. I was thoroughly surprised and proud. One of the things that Lily loves to do is dance ♥

 The jean race
 square dancing with her partner
My sweet Lily

Something I love more than seeing my children sleeping peacefully (haha! but I can't lie) is to see them Happy. Lily was so happy that day. Stopping for mom to take pictures :) She's usually my shy one when the camera is out. But for now, I'll bask in her happiness of the day.


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