Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Late night thoughts

Sleep eludes me tonight. 
Why?!??!?!?! I need sleep. 
Today is chock full of activity...mainly because I'm going with Dakota and his class on their field trip. He's absolutely excited that I am going with them. Even more so because he wants his class to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. He thinks it will be funny when they all sing "....dear Joy...."  But I told him they will probably sing "....dear Dakota's mom....." Haha! 

Yes, today is my birthday! I love birthdays. I'm not quite at the age where I dread them just yet. I enjoy the fun, the celebrating, the messages of cheer, the calls from family (usually my sister Lydia is the first one to call..but Cathie beat her this year). Growing up, birthdays were when we had dessert with our meal. It had to be a birthday, holiday, or special Sunday dinner to allow dessert to accompany dinner. And I looked forward to it. Dad, and later on a sibling would take over this job, would take streamers and crisscross them through the dining room. He would loop them over and under the chandelier. And almost always, there was a bouquet of balloons in at least one corner of the room. It wasn't much, but it was that person's special day. While I enjoy having the decorations up for myself, I think I enjoyed more when I was old enough to assist in decorating. ♥ Sweet Memories.

 "Joy Joy Joy, down in my heart" as my dad calls me .... Baby Joy

So...yes! I think my brain needs to shut down for a bit so I can rest up for the celebration that April 30th will bring. Sleep come quickly for this momma is getting older by the minute. :)


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