Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 years and counting....

It's been 10 years. 
I'm in shock and awe. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. But other times (adjust your halos, I'm not the only one) ....well, you know.

10 years ago, I was still on the high from rehearsal. I loved getting together with everyone that evening. We were all a bit sun kissed (who am I kidding?!?! we were sun burnt) from an afternoon at the beach. The next day was going to be fabulous!!
I was up early the day of my wedding...hoping to see Jed before all the craziness started. No, we didn't care that it's "bad luck" to see the bride/groom before the wedding. We were in Love...we needed to see each other. I stepped out of the house and he was outside getting something from his car. YES! a few moments alone. YAY!! but then his grandma called out...lol  BUSTED!! hahaha :) She needed a ride to Walmart to pick up some biscuits for breakfast or something. Yep, so his grandmother was our sweet chaperone. It was still a perfect day.
.......Oh,there were usual worries... I thought the guys wouldn't get there on time.  My MIL got a flat tire...yeah...it was that kind of day. But ya know, I married the one I loved.
My sister timed our wedding ceremony...17 minutes!! crazy, but it seemed to take forever to get to that special part where we say "I do" and then the KISS! yay! (that's why people go to weddings, right?!).

Jed and I looked through pictures from that special day. Lots of friends and family were there to congratulate us and witness our big commitment. 

10 years is a big deal! I'm proud of Jed and I for sticking with it. The last 10 years have been quite the ride. We've bought a house, he got a boat, we had 3 kiddos, and still love each other...crazy, I know. ;)

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we will be taking some time away from the kiddos when we vacation in Florida. I'm looking forward to that time. Just Jed and I ♥ 

counting down the days.....


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