Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It seems like just yesterday, but it's been....

It's been 8 days...yes, 8 days...since I last posted on the ye olde blog. I know that life is hectic. Believe me, I'm living in a hectic life. 3 kids pulling you different directions and a husband just telling you "Relax, take a deep breath." I want to go in all directions at once. Please each person. 

The big kid wants Mommy to listen to his latest adventure in Minecraft. I'm oblivious to all this...even after 2 months, I still have no clue as to what he is talking about. But I do know that spiders can get into your houses and kill you...hey!! I think that in real life, too. hahahahah! :) 

Then I have the middle child wanting to spell every.single.word to me. She's doing great with spelling. 1st grade should be so much fun for her. And then throw in the random addition facts.... "2+2=4, 4+4+8, etc" Yep! I'm enjoying the educational side of the middle child. 

On to the youngest....she's taken on Mommy's bossy side. I can start correcting a child and I hear this little echo beside me. Believe me, It's no fun hearing a little one repeat every.single.word I say. lol We are also into our 3rd week of full blown potty training. We have been in panties now for 2 weeks. Fewer accidents each day. #1 is almost perfected....#2 is a different story...but we're making progress.

And the hubby...well, he's my rock. I get a bit stressed at times (yeah, that's an understatement). But he just reminds me "It's life. Just take a deep breath. They are kids. This is how they act." 
I know they are kids...I know this is life. I'm so thankful when he comes home from work. It gives me a break......a time to hand over the reins for a few seconds. I need that time. 

As for me....I'm still working out and eating right. I've "checked in" to myfitnesspal (an app that tracks calories) for 35 consecutive days. As of yesterday, I'm down 8 lbs and I plan to measure myself this afternoon. It's been 2 weeks since I took measurements. My clothes are looser, so I'm bound to see some inches lost!! It's been slow and steady but hey!! I'm losing  (YAY!!!) and it's not all coming back after a "bad weekend". A friend and I are trying out the different classes offered at our gym. We've done Zumba (great cardio session) and PiYo (awesome strength training only using your body). Wow!! 

So...that's the reason for the lack of postings. Believe me, I have lots of things to say (I can hear my husband amening right now) just not always the time to sit and share on the blog.

For now, truly live your life and it's okay to laugh at yourself (gosh! you should have seen my face when the instructor said "burpees"...it was almost the same look I got when my own kids burped on me)


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