Monday, May 12, 2014

Barefoot little Texans

Life, the way things are done, has changed. At times, I feel as if I'm stepping back into history (literally, I am) when I tell the kids they way things used to be. My childhood was incredibly different from the childhood of my kiddos. No, it's not a bad/good difference. It just a technology difference. 
When I was growing up, if I wanted to learn how to do something, I would go to the library. Check the card catalog or try to remember the Dewey Decimal System to figure out which area I could find that perfect book to help me out. I was introduced to the Internet just before college or maybe it was right after that first semester of college. Present Day, Dakota wanted to learn  how to make a rainbow loom bracelet without the loom and he just has to search videos on YouTube. He watched one video and now we all are sporting his bracelet creations. :)  I was rather proud of him. The best part about this is that he used technology to do something nice for others. He made bracelets for Dad, Mom (me), his sisters, his Katie (who just graduated college). Yep! He's a good kiddo. It makes me happy that he was doing for others.

Yes, Life has changed. It seems that gone are the days of playing outside til your mom calls you in for supper. Drinking from the water hose was the best fun. Mom usually didn't get upset if you "drank from the hose" and accidentally sprayed your siblings. Oh, that was truly the best fun. We made tree forts (until the fire ants took up camp and ran us out). We swam in barrels...I think we all got pretty good at holding our breath underwater. And if it wasn't water related, we would turn the barrels on their sides and turn into a circus sideshow. I can walk on a barrel with the best of them. I could hang upside down from the swing set. It was nothing to us to spend all afternoon outside. I miss those days. I want my kiddos to have the same fun I did as a child. 
My kiddos are outdoorsy. They love going to the park. And if you catch them all at the right time, they can play happily in the backyard. Lately, it's dueling with light sabers and Nerf guns, but we do have some random episodes of baseball and catch happening. Most recently, the girls have found the wild berry bushes in our backyard. They love to search for the "good berries" and they consume them quite quickly. I love that even with all the technology thrown at us these days, my kids can still enjoy outside and nature. 
They are barefoot little Texans :)

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE technology. I might go crazy without Internet, digital cameras, and my DVR. But don't forget about the world around you.
Take a few moments and step outside today. You'll be amazed! 


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