Sunday, May 4, 2014

....that got a little older...

I'm not sure if turning another year older has caused me to take a step back and examine life or what. But within the last week, I feel as if I should live each and every day. Not just exist but truly live.

Last week, I moved closer to my mid 30's. While I love a good celebration, I'd rather it be for someone else and not me. But since the kids insisted, we had cake and candles....and singing. ♪♪ Happy Birthday ♪♪ lets see who gets the  biggest piece of cake :) Yep, that's my kiddos.

I enjoyed my birthday. I spent most of it with my son. It was his class field trip and he was super excited that Mom was going along. He even requested that bring along a lunchable (his choice for "sack lunch") for myself, too. We did have a good time. We visited Gators and Friends and he got to hold the alligator.

While I don't always enjoy living far from my family, I do enjoy getting snail mail (letters) from them (and I love going to visit them, too..woohoo!! vacation time is coming soon). I have a sister. My oldest sister. She's the person who makes sure that each and every individual in the immediate family gets a birthday card. She's AWESOME!! Now, it could have started out to be job security for herself (she's a postal carrier), but I love that she sends me snail mail ♥ ♥ ♥.  okay, I'm rambling....
anyway, in my snail mail, I received some funny cards and a near 'n dear to my heart card. I loved them both. It's crazy how each one brought tears...tears from laughing, tears from memories, and tears from just realizing that life is grand. ♥ My dad wrote a quick blurb in one card. He always has a way of "re-designing" a card. He adds lines under words, commas, exclamation points, little phrase, draws pictures--this time he drew a spider on the duck's foot. I treasure each card.

Even reading it back now, I still brings a little tear... I never knew what people meant when they would say "Just wait. One day, you will appreciate _________." 
Well, I'm at that stage of my life. I appreciate it all. My parents, my family, my raising......each time I'd think to myself "they can't be serious?!?!?!? why can't they be like so-and-so's parents??" 
Yep! it was all for this...those Happy Birthday greetings that get ya right there.

♥♥♥ "you are still my little girl from years ago that got a little older" ♥♥♥


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