Thursday, May 29, 2014

Parenthood moments

"There are times when parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you." 
 (Peter De Vries)

yes, I have those days as a parent. Thankfully, they aren't as often. Today, the child didn't bite my hand...but the nurse's. Oooooohh, it was a stressful trip to the Doctor for the middle child. Let me tell you, she may have had a rough start in life; but I'm positive that rough start gave her the stamina to fight us all off today. She did NOT want anything to do with that strep swab. Now, we tried the easy way..bribery. She was closed mouth. Then it took 2 nurses and Mommy before we succeeded. This process resulted in one swab being bit in half (yes!) and her biting a nurse's finger (eek!). Finally..we get the results. She tested positive for Strep. Bummer! And we only have 1 week of school left. Double bummer. Hopefully, she won't share with her siblings...hopefully.

She's feeling a bit better after some medicine and a milkshake. I think it's the opportunity to play Mario all by herself that has her smiling.

A big success in the potty training world. The littlest went #2 today IN THE POTTY!!! yay!! definitely celebrated with high fives and the happy dance :) 

As I long for nap time (since I have an extra kiddo home today), remember to smile and don't share drinks with others ;)

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