Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A big bump in the road....

oh! today was one of those days, you wish it was a nightmare, because you could at least wake up from it and it not really happen.

Lily has RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus)...they said that she didn't get it from the vaccine (the vaccine wasn't the live RSV vaccine) Lily got it from someone that had a cold or from just being in the hospital. I feel like the worst mommy. I've had a cough since Dakota was sick almost 2 wks ago...but the Dr said (trying to make me feel better) that Lily gave it to me. So Lily and i both have the phlemy cough :(

The surgery has been canceled. Tomorrow, i will be call and reschedule it for the 2nd or 3rd wk in April. (so I'm gonna be in the hospital for my birthday ) They said it takes 3 wks to fully get over RSV....that is why they say to wait 6-8 wks before having the surgery. So we are going to just keep working on Lily's weight.

The good news is that Lily is up to 9 lbs 6.4 oz!!! YAY!!! She is getting closer. We did 75 ml (2.5 oz) feeding today...and we are doing that every 3 hours. So far, she has kept down the first feeding...and was getting the 2nd feeding as i was leaving the hospital. Once we get her used to the feedings, the Dr said we can go home and continue these feedings at home. I will offer her the bottle and let her eat what she will...and what she doesn't eat, i will then syringe to her through her feeding tube.

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