Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Name origins

Dakota has started correcting us that Lily is not Lily or Lulu or, she is "Pretty Girl".

Pretty girl has yet another ear the same ear...this is ear infection #3 since February. It always starts the same, running a low grade fever which we associate with teething (she is still teething..working on her canines and 2 yr molars should be coming soon, too), runny nose, and crankiness. The past weekend was spent with Lilyann whiny when we are not holding her and lots of cuddling when we are holding her. So, I took her to the doctor on Monday. The doctor said her right ear doesn't look too good...she has an ear infection. I asked for a different antibiotic than the last 2 times, and what was causing them. The doctor said the ear infections are caused from her chronic runny nose. She has had a runny nose since some time last year. It will go away for maybe a week and then it is back. So, Lilyann is now on Chewable Singulair (which she takes very well...thank God!) for an indefinite time. Her runny nose isn't as runny...and this is after 2 days of being on the medicine.

I am hoping that the medicine helps and can get these ear infections under control. Dakota had to have tubes in his ears when he was 11 months old...even though, they would help, I think that Lilyann really doesn't need them..but we will see.

Lilyann goes for her 18 month check up June 3rd...and the doctor will evaluate how she is doing compared to Monday's sick visit.

Pray for "no dirty monkeys" in her ears by then.
That is what ear infections are to us.

When Dakota was little and having all the ear infections...the doctor used to tell Dakota that she was looking for "monkeys" in his ears...and if he had an ear infection, it was dubbed a dirty monkey (in reference to Dakota's monkey that he always carried around and still does).
One morning, Dakota wakes up and tells us (this is when he is older..closer to 2 yrs old) that he needs to go to the doctor, he has "dirty monkeys" in his ears. And so the name has stuck.

I hope you enjoyed a little name origin from the Smith household.


"Grammy" Sue B said...

Hi Joy,
I'm anxious to see "Pretty Girl" and "Silly Monkey Boy" next weekend. Oh yes, and their parents too!!!!
Have a blessed week.....
Love, Aunt Sue

Alicia said...

Ear Infections are the pits! Hope her check up goes well and no dirty monkeys are found in her ears! :)