Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Day Blog

"pretty girl"


Can you guess from the title? Yes! today is a rainy day. We have all been outside for a bit. I was trying to cover Jed's boat (a new project-->he got it for free, he just needs to fix some things on it) And as the rain starts coming down faster, I look back on the front porch and Lilyann and Dakota are both standing there getting all wet. Fun!!
Now the kids are in the garage playing...Lily is "na" ing at Dakota (this is her new favorite "word") I often wonder what she is actually thinking when she says that. She still isn't talking...but she is saying new syllables. Grandma did say that while we were gone to Beaver's Bend that Lilyann said, "stop" and we could have swore that she said "hey" the other day.

We took some silly pictures with our Dora handkerchief...Enjoy!!

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