Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sidewalk chalk

My absolute favorite picture so far of Miss Lilyann. I know, you can't see her face...but this picture is one of childhood fun..pure innocence. You see the pink heart beside her, the piece of chalk, and the chalk powder all over her little foot...covering her tiny toes. The Colors are perfect.

The picture says it all...Mr. Dakota...He loves his chalk, but he isn't always too happy to share his stuff with his sister.

And the kids coloring some more...they did all this on front porch (with the help of mommy)...and today, the rain washed it all away...So they will have a fresh clean slate for tomorrow and all their drawings.

These pictures were taken on Tuesday....the weather was nice...a little cloudy, but not rainy. Lilyann took to that bucket of chalk like a bee takes a flower. She carried it around and even tasted it...That is why her lips look a little like she might have lipstick on, It is the least she selected a hot pink chalk...gotta match it with her outfit.

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