Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Friday

Align Centerrunning around the "no running zone" at the park

Lilyann...the closest she came to the water without being in Mommy's arms
Dakota showing me his muscles!!

Friday was our fun day....I was ready to get out of the house and do something, anything fun. Lily had been sick since the last Friday..with her blessed ear infection...which did I tell you? about her wonderful rash??
Well, we started Lilyann's antibiotics and Singular last Monday...she did pretty good, still a little cranky but bearable. On Wednesday morning, she wakes up and her head is covered in this rash...splotchy...little red spots all over her head, in her hair, on her temples, behind her, I stop the antibiotic and watch other reactions, just this we go on the next day (this has been 24 hours since her last antibiotic dose) and the rash has moved down her body. So I call the Dr's office and they tell me I can bring her in around 4pm to see a different Dr since Lilyann's regular Dr is booked and only there for a half day. We see the Dr and she tells me that it isn't an allergic reaction because the spots aren't raised like the way hives would be (if you know me, you know that I know what hives are!! refer to April 08 archive). But that it is a viral rash...something like roseolla...The rash is a good sign..that means that the virus is gone..
All that to say...Lily was okay to out and about this "good rash".
So, on Friday morning, we head to the splash park. They have a regular park and a water park all fenced in with shade spots for the moms and you can just let the kids play. And that is what I did.
Dakota liked it...there were lots of kids there his age to play with...he enjoyed the playground more than the splash park...but he would come over and play for a little bit with myself and Lily.
Lily wasn't too fond of the water spraying at her, so she stayed under the picnic table most of the time...unless I went out into the water zone with her.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

And you are probably wondering what this picture is doing here...Cute story...We are headed out of the park area and getting ready to get back on the highway to head home..and Kota sees this truck...the ICE CREAM truck...and you know what he tells me? "Follow that Ice Cream truck, Mom!!!"
I thought it was too cute!!

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