Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nature Trails and Flip Flops

"Our Humble Abode"

Jed and I took a trip to get away from it all, spend time together and celebrate our anniversary (with it being on a holiday weekend, we opted to celebrate a month early to save money) Our destination was Beaver's Bend, OK. We headed out early Friday morning...through many rural cities to our destination. We arrived early...a little early for check in...so we took a drive around the park...seeing all that there was...and taking pictures. I saw a lot of places from home videos when Jed and his family came to Beaver's Bend...over 10 years ago. The field where Uncle Jerry flew the infamous Little Mermaid kite....and playground where Little Jerilyn climbed to the top and slid down the slide all by herself....and the wonderful hike that they walked through the woods...and you can't forget out the nature center.
Once our cabin was ready, we headed there to unload and decide what to do. We decided on lunch and then a "nature trail". I say it like that because it started out as a nature trail and turned into a hike...I'm all for nature, but I wasn't ready for that type of hike. My heart was practically beating out of my chest...but I did it!! It was a 1 mile "walk" that didn't loop around...so it became a 2 mile "walk". I was never so happy to see our van in a long time...I guess I'm not that much of a country girl...or maybe I just need to work on my stamina for hikes...that way, I'm ready for the next one.

I walked in the creek for yet my second time. The first time was in a creek in the Smoky Mountains for our honeymoon. So, of course we needed pictures. The picture above is of me trying to figure out how to get back down into the creek and off the rock. Earlier I found out that you don't step on a smooth rock in a creek...can I just say? I think I still have the potential to do a split (in a creek)!!! After I became aware of this tidbit of knowledge, I took a step and off my flip flop went...floating down the creek...so off I go running through the creek after the wayward flip flop. I got it!!! Sorry, no running through the creek pic..but just imagine Laura Ingalls in jeans rolled up hopping from one rough rock to another as to not do a split in the creek again....crazy mental picture.

Here is Jed at the top of the dam...on the land side...It was a truly spectacular side. All of the trees and hills on one side...with the little creek going through the valley....and on the other side the lake. God is quite the artist!

yes! you are probably thinking...what is Jed doing? He is doing a crossword puzzle. What do two people do in the middle of nowhere when the sun goes down? that is exactly what we asking ourselves. So, we made a quick trip back into town for some magazines, munchies, and whatnot. He had told me that there was a TV in the cabin...so we didn't bring much to entertain ourselves...counting on that we would have a TV to relax to after our trek through the woods and all over the park. I haven't heard that kind of silence in a long time. You don't hear the hum of a television or the computer...no hum of a ceiling fan or the whines of your children...even the creaking of the house settling at night. I almost feel like I had taken advantage of the peace and quietness surrounding us day in day out. Take time to unplug everything so you are one with your thoughts.
Here is Jed and I on the first leg of "nature trail"...We weren't worn out yet...well, let me correct that...I wasn't worn out yet...Jed seemed to endure the trail pretty well...must be all that cycling at the gym that had him ready for an uphill trek.
We followed the river through the woods...stopping every once in a while to take pictures for Jed to check out the area near the bank...that is the fisherman in him.
Sorry for you only seeing half of Jed...we were attempting to get a picture of ourselves together..and he got us both in the frame but then he couldn't push the button....and I have short arms so I couldn't reach the button. So, I decided to take a picture...this is our favorite..even though half of Jed is missing.

Beaver's Bend, OK is a great area to spend with family..I have a feeling that in the near future we will be going back with the kids.

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