Thursday, May 21, 2009

A camping we will go....

What???!!!?? Camping in the woods???

See you all later!! we are off to the lake!!

We are off to go camping...this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. It not camping where you get a cabin with AC and modern! we are camping in a tent. This is my 1st time (as well as the kids' 1st time) to ever go camping and stay in a tent! To Jed, this is old hat. He used to camp all the time when he was a child.
The only time I ever remember "camping" was when all of my Dad's family got together at a state park and stayed for a few days. We "camped"...but in a cabin...while all my other cousins, aunts and uncles roughed it out in tents.
I'm sure that I will come back filled with wonderful camping stayed tuned!!!
We are packed...well, almost...I still have a little bit more to put together...Don't worry...I have lots of batteries and empty memory cards for the camera..The pictures will tell our story.

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