Monday, June 22, 2009

10 Things

Jed and Dakota..just hanging out together (2006)

10 Things

Reminders of why we REALLY love someone...and not just the obvious reasons. And that someone is my husband, Jed.

  1. He LOVES me for who I am..even though it requires a lot of shaking his head in disbelief.
  2. He gets out of bed every weekday before the sun comes up and works a job to make sure that I can stay home and enjoy our children growing up.
  3. He cooks for us...even though I enjoy cooking..he is our Grill Master.
  4. He thinks of the little bringing me Mt. Dew or pickled sausage (I know, I eat weird things)
  5. He goes with me to Target to dink...even though, I know he would love to be at home playing his PlayStation.
  6. He plays with the kids and not just sitting there while they are playing, he actually gets on the floor and plays.
  7. He doesn't complain when he comes home from a long day at work and finds the laundry still NOT folded....
  8. He knows when I have had too much and offers to watch the kids while I go out--even if it is to run to store or just go for a drive.
  9. He is a wonderful father.
  10. He is just TRULY AMAZING...what more could I ask for? a new father...holding Dakota when he was oh! so small

Dakota is the talker

Lilyann is the listener

Jed...holding Lilyann the day after she was born (Dec 1, 2007)

Dakota says... "I LOVE you, Daddy...bunches and bunches!"

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Alyson said...

Awwwwww how sweet!!! :0)