Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday- Cameras

This is truly a weird and slightly random post...but I thought...I'd share it anyway.

I am mourning the loss of my once fabulous camera. The camera that I was able to capture some wonderful memories. This camera will truly be missed.
The Canon had been dropped quite a few times...much to our dismay..and Saturday night, it was dropped for the last time. It fell out of Lily's diaper bag on Grandma's driveway. It still worked but when you would turn it on and the lens would come out, it sounded pretty bad. It worked through the Baby Parade at our church on Father's Day.

And also our backyard fun time on Monday.

The kids playing under the trampoline..they look like partners in crime in this photo

Kota playing outside with the water hose...I got this picture at just the right time..and yes! that was the water hose!!

Mommy and Miss Lily...having fun in the sun

But today, I ran inside to grab the camera....Lily is finally playing in the kiddie pool and not just running around it. I want to get a picture. I turn the camera on and it says "lens error: restart camera". And it wouldn't even pull the lens back in. I was sad to say the least.
Jed came home and gave the camera the once over...and told me...We will just have to wait and save up for a new one.
Thankfully, I do have another camera..I got for Valentine's Day. It is small pocket size Canon. Now, I will just have to do some playing around with it to get the kind of pictures from it that the bigger Canon gave me.

So...may our fabulous camera rest in peace...and thanks for all the wonderful memories that you captured for our family. Your legacy will live on!

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Alyson said...

The picture of the 2of them under the trampoline is so cute and the one of him with the hose is PRICELESS!!!!! ha ha ha

RIP camera

Emmy said...

So sorry :( I think I would cry I do love my cannon.

Sarah said...

Ohhhh I'm so sorry, I would be heartbroken!! Wonderful shots!!