Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spending time with family

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

~George Santayana

Last weekend, we set our for our quick trip to Mississippi. My mom and dad (and sister, Tammie) were going to be in Mississippi for my mom's 44Th high school reunion. My mom grew up in Mississippi and all of her family lives there. Since Mississippi is a shorter drive (8.5 hours) than Florida (16 hours), we decided this was the best time to see my family.

Friday evening, we climbed into the van and embarked. For the first few hours, Jed and I questioned ourselves on whether to turn back and just enjoy the weekend at home. Why...you ask? Because both Lilyann and Dakota were not in the best of moods. By the time we hit Monroe, LA, Lilyann had had enough!! She was ready to be out of that seat and sleep in her own bed. No matter what we did, She cried and cried...all the way to Jackson, MS. That seemed like the longest part of the drive.

Once sleep set in for both children and for Jed, it was nice quiet ride for all of us. I plugged in my iPod and enjoyed the drive. Mapquest sent us up the Natchez Trace Parkway for about 60 miles...later I found out that I could have avoided that 60 mile drive that would only allow me to drive at 50mph..but it was a nice drive. The full moon made everything gorgeous..I saw some deer, rabbits, and of course, opossums.

On Saturday, we went to my Aunt Peggy's house and we ate and spent time with family. My cousin, Mark and his family were there...Lilyann and Kota played with their kids. Lilyann and his daughter, Merritt (I hope I spelled that right) are just a few weeks apart..and both as active as ever. They enjoyed sitting and playing with the rocks. In the picture below, they were throwing them around.
Lilyann and Merritt

After all the eating and catching up, mom and dad headed off to the high school reunion (and silly me didn't even think to offer them a camera so that mom could have some pictures of the event)...we headed back to the motel to spend some time in the pool.

The water was cool but it was enjoyable. Lilyann got in for a little bit..and Kota mastered climbing up and down the pool ladder. He had fun splashing Aunt Tammie..and he giggled when Aunt Tammie would swim underwater "like a shark".Me and Kota in the pool

Lilyann holding on for dear life...she wasn't too thrilled with the pool unless she was outside the pool

Saturday was a fun day...but all fun must come to an end. We said our goodbyes to Poppers (Kota's name for my dad), Grandma, and Aunt Tammie that night. And got a few pictures in as well. When Kota found out that Aunt Tammie was leaving (going to sleep in mom and dad's room) he ran to put his shoes on so that he could go with Aunt Tammie. And things didn't get better the next morning. He was NOT happy that Aunt Tammie didn't ride home with us. But Aunt Tammie promised that she would come visit us soon...or at least send something to Dakota in the mail.

Kota giving Grandma hugs goodbye

"Poppers", Lilyann, and Grandma


Alyson said...

REALLY!!!???? WOW!!!! We go to CHOP in Philadelphia and we live right over the bridge from there.....So it's about a 40 min drive and that includes traffic....OY!!!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Just wanted to say "hello" and "welcome" as a follower.
You have a lovely family...
Your kids are so cute...your little one is a bit older than mine...They grow so quickly..don't they? Too quick for me..
Hope to pop in soon.

Sharon Usry said...

Aww Im so glad yall got to see each other. Your departure reminded me of Ashlyn and Lee..they both were so upset along with me when we left Mommas in TX. I actually cried when I left longview. One day we will take a two week trip and catch up with each other for a few days!!