Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Totally Random Tuesday--Water Balloons!

What's wet, pink, lots of fun, and perfect for a hot sunny day???

Water Balloon fight!!!

I had a bag of balloons(that ended up being all pink except for 2 white balloons-LOVE Dollar stores) that I use for the kids in the nursery...they love playing with them...well, Kota found my stash and kept pulling them out. So today, It was so hot, and so sunny...which means water time outside. I got the sprinkler out...and then thought...let's do water balloons.

Kota loved it!! Lilyann didn't know what to do with those heavy balloons, but she knew that they would bust, so she wanted nothing to do with them. I even made her a tiny one...one that wouldn't bust right away (see it in the picture below), but still, she just sat and watched.

After all the balloons were filled, we separated them up..and Kota went to his side of the yard and I, to my side. And then the bombarding started.

Fun, Fun, FUN!!

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