Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lilyann is 18 months old

Today was Lilyann's 18 month checkup...and she is doing pretty darn good...given the circumstances...This was her first visit in a long time where she didn't have yucky the singulair must be working!! And the Dr gave me a month's worth of samples of the singulair...YAY!!

Here are Lily's stats:
*30 1/2 inches tall ( 18 %)*
*21 lbs 14 oz (15%)*

The Dr was talking with me about Lilyann not talking at her 15 month checkup...and we have been working with her on this..but we are still at momma, dada, and nanana for everything else. But she does point and follow directions..she just chooses not to talk. But she knows the words..she will go get what we ask her to get and we don't have to show her what it is.

So the Dr asked if I would like to have a speech therapist come by the house and work with her on her speech delay...and then we talked all about it and she said that she was just offering this extra service if I wanted it for Lily (if I thought that Lily needed it). I asked if we could hold off until Lilyann's 2 yr checkup and go from there. And then we started talking about how far behind in things that Lilyann is..and the Dr said that Lilyann acts like a 14 month old child. But she isn't worried about it, because if you think about, Lily didn't start growing until she was 4 1/2 months she is 4 1/2 months old behind what other 18 month old children would be.
Which is exactly the same way that Jed and I were thinking. Lilyann has hit every milestone that Dakota hit but just about 4 months late....

So that was our wonderful checkup...oh! and Lilyann got 4 shots...she didn't really mind the shots, but she was more upset at the nurse for taking her cookie away..and as soon as the nurse gave the cookie back, Lily was back to normal...just like nothing had ever happened. Grandma (Jed's mom) and I were talking and we think Lilyann finds comfort in food!

What do you think??

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Bloggie McBlogger said...

So glad you had a good DA!
Just remember to follow your "Mommystincts" and you guys will be okay. I think that if you're right on the same path with all of your milestones you're doing great!
We couldn't understand my DS for a while after he started talking. He was on 3 1/2 and we still had A LOT of trouble. Everyone -even the drs, said not to worry about it that he'd catch on once he was around other kids. I didn't agree, and I kept insisting that he needed intervention, and the drs (and some speech therapists) told me he was fine.
Well, he just graduated preschool, and he's on his 2nd year of speech therapy, and the therapist said to make sure he gets in for next year too. I knew it wasn't right, but no one wanted to listen. I should have listened to my "Mommystincts" more and pushed the issue more...

Sounds to me though, like you guys are right on target! (But it's very cool that the dr offered early intervention to you guys though -even if you don't need it!)